Ready-made websites for quick launch

1. Business Card Website

2. Landing Page

3. Catalog Website

Cost $250

The service includes:

- site with the selected template

- adaptive design for mobile devices

- content management system (mostly WordPress)

- CMS training

- website hosting

Custom Website design

Business Card Website

Cost from $300

Custom Website design

Landing Page

Cost from $300

Custom Website design

Corporate Website

Cost from $450

Custom Website design

Catalog Website

Cost from $450

Custom Website design

Online Store

Cost from $500

Custom Website design

Blogging Website

Cost from $400

Each site cost is calculated individually

Please, fill out the brief and send it to us to calculate the site cost

Website support cost


Starter pack















You can see the list of services on the page Support

SEO promotion - website optimization

SEO promotion

Cost from 240$/monthly

The cost of SEO services is calculated individually and depends on the amount of work installed, the size of the site and other parameters.

The service includes:

On-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO


Additional services

Service Price Unit
Site work
Content management $15 one hour
Installing and configuring CMS modules $15 one hour
Adding new pages to the site $15 one hour
Installing CMS on hosting $15 unit
Installing an online store on a CMS $15 unit
Creating a favicon for a website $10 unit
Creating a Sitemap for a website $10 unit
Creating and including .htaccess $10 unit
Home page design $60 unit
Landing page design $80 unit
Information page design (about us, contacts, price list, etc.) $35 unit
Online store product card design $45 unit
Online store catalog design $35 unit
Photo processing for the site $10 one hour
Selection of photos for design $15 one hour
Creating icons $15 one hour
Raising Backup $10 unit
Connecting an SSL certificate $10 unit
Convert HTTP to HTTPS and back $10 unit
Creating and connecting a domain name $10 unit
Create additional mailboxes $10 unit
Connection robots.txt $10 unit
Creating a backup $10 unit
Website transfer to another hosting $15 unit
Hosting registration and site hosting $20 unit
Connecting Yandex Metrica $10 unit
Connecting Google Analytics $10 unit
Site audit price on request unit
Create redirects $15 one hour
Filling in the Title and Description fields $15 one hour
Creating Shema Meta Markup $15 one hour