Why do you need website maintenance?

Timely detection and response to emerging problems will help avoid:

Loosing clients and company profits

Slow site loading

Malicious code on the site

Incorrect site display after updating the browser version

Loosing information because of failures and lack of backups

Conversion decrease

Order "Support" service

Price for the service "Support"

Starter pack (if our company develops a website)

Cost: 0$


Cost: 40$


Cost: 70$


Cost: 120$

SEO promotion - website optimization

SEO promotion

Cost from 240$/monthly

The cost of SEO services is calculated individually and depends on the amount of work installed, the size of the site and other parameters.

The service includes:

On-Page SEO:

- Website technical optimization

- Robots.txt

- Sitemap.xml

- 404 error pages

- URL generation structure

- Duplicates

- 301 redirects and broken links

- Navigation

- Internal linking

- Adaptive version of the site

- Page loading speed

- Site registration in search engines

- Title Optimization

- Meta Description

- H1 H2 H3 Tags

- Image Alt Text

- Permalink Optimization

- SEO Title (SERP)

- Advanced Features (Customized blog post images and titles for social media platforms)

Keywords: 2 / blog post

Off-Page SEO

1. Comment Backlinks

2. Web 2.0 Backlinks

3. Audio Backlinks

4. Profile Backlinks

5. Guest Post Backlinks